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Crypto Babes was created in January 2020 by Ashley Wright & Alejandra Corbella. We started the community on Clubhouse and grew it to over 22k members, expanded the brand to other social platforms, hosted workshops and expanded our team. We continue to grow the brand with our amazing Crypto babes Tara David and Sira Toure. We aim to be one of the largest Cryptocurrency communities for women.

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Our Mission

Crypto Babes is a community for women who are looking to grow, learn, and earn in Web3. This is a space for women to feel comfortable and empowered discussing the Cryptocurrency space. Men are welcomed. ⁣⁣⁣Our mission is to educate, connect, and grow women in Web 3 by creating opportunities to learn new skills in a safe space; connecting them to jobs, funding and grant opportunities.

Our Story

Crypto babes made its debut on at Clubhouse at the beginning of 2020 reaching over 23k members. We did our first online workshop in 2021 with 200 people in attendance. We lost some momentum at the end of 2021 due to the decrease of Clubhouse engagement, but instead of giving up, we relaunched. We hosted our first IRL event at Bitcoin Miami 2022 and we had an AMAZING turnout. Over 200 people in attendance and 70% were womxn identifying. We then held our second IRL event in Austin with over 150 in attended with 80% women. As women in Crypto and members of the Polkadot community, we want to put a focus on educating our community about Polkadot and it’s ecosystem.

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